Russia could launch its own app store, an alternative to the Google Play Store

Google recently suspended all payment services offered in Russia, cutting revenue for application developers who sold their products through the Play Store.

Working with software developers, Russia could try to circumvent international sanctions by launching a local Play Store alternative, in the hope that unsatisfied users who can no longer buy Play Store apps will come to the alternative platform. However, the Kremlin power seems to have forgotten about other recently announced measures, which de facto legalize software piracy. At the same time, Moscow does not seem to know that most of the sales generated by the local software industry come from customers abroad, the Russians are not very willing to pay for the software used, especially now that piracy of software of all kinds seems that he entered the state policy of Russia.

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“Unfortunately, the Russians can no longer use Google Play to buy apps, and the developers have lost their source of income. That’s why we created a Russian app store, NashStore. “

Russia is not the first country to try to impose international sanctions by developing its own Play Store alternative. Huawei has been trying for several years to impose its own app store, App Gallery, the Beijing government-subsidized company by spending huge sums on “promotion” and attracting Western app developers. Very few show interest. On the one hand, there is the issue of the stigma of “fake” US sanctions, but especially the prospect of a modest income, participating in an app store with few and not very generous users.

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Prepared as a local app store, hosting almost exclusively apps created by software developers in Russia, NashStore promises to have the diversity of a Communist-era Food, where few enter and fewer buy.

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