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Three useful car devices available at Kaufland


Kaufland will be selling several car devices and accessories starting March 16th. Among them are three products that attract attention.

A powerbank, with a starting function for the car’s engine, will cost 249.90 lei. The external battery has a capacity of 10,500 mAh. The device includes a flashlight and USB ports, which can be used to charge electronics. The power bank sold by Kaufland will be guaranteed for 3 years.

At the same time, a simple car charger that connects to the 12 V socket of the car will be available at the promotional price of 15 lei (-25%). The SwitchOn device has a single USB port, which provides normal charging speed.

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Moreover, a rectifier for 6 V and 12 V batteries will cost 80 lei. The device supports a maximum current of 4 A and can be powered from 220 – 240 V sockets. Like the powerbank, the rectifier will have a 3-year warranty.

The new car products that will be offered by Kaufland stores on March 16.

Among the products in the car category that Kaufland will sell starting Wednesday are: a compressor, a rim storage bracket, mats, a torque wrench and a manometer with LCD display.

Photo: Kaufland.ro


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