Rumors, release, price and features

This is how concept designer Antonio De Rosa envisions Apple's mixed reality glasses.  (Image: Antonio De Rosa)

This is how concept designer Antonio De Rosa envisions Apple’s mixed reality glasses. (Image: Antonio De Rosa)

Apple will soon add a new category to its product portfolio: mixed reality glasses. This is a cross between augmented reality and virtual reality glasses. We have summarized the most important available information and rumors for you.

price, release and name

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman assumes that Apple will release the new headset on the June 5 as part of WWDC 2023 will publish.

According to a Financial Times report, the mixed reality glasses are set to launch, although the design team has warned senior management that they are not yet ready for the market.

There is no concrete leak on the price yet, but most experts are sure of one thing: it won’t be cheap. are common 3.000 US-Dollar in conversation.

Rumor has it that Apple’s new mixed reality glasses »Reality Pro” be called. The name suggests that a non-Pro variant could appear at a later date.

What features are expected?

The most important feature of the new glasses is their product category: Mixed Reality. With external cameras, it will be able to recognize hand movements and gestures. This should make it possible, for example, to type in the air with a virtual keyboard that is displayed.

In addition, the glasses enable interaction with the environment through gestures or even just by looking at objects. For example, one look at a loudspeaker is enough to transfer the music to it. The entire control of the headset is probably done via gestures.

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Although it was initially claimed that gaming would not be a primary feature of the headset, recent reports from Gurman suggest that gaming and entertainment but important aspects.

This is how concept designer Ian Zelbo imagines the new headset.  (Image: Ian Zelbo)

This is how concept designer Ian Zelbo imagines the new headset. (Image: Ian Zelbo)

The headset is expected to support iOS apps and provide new tools like the Freeform collaboration app for virtual reality. There will also be a so-called »Reality Dial« to switch between augmented reality and virtual reality. This should resemble the Crown of the Apple Watch.

According to a report by The Information, the headset will allow users to create their own apps without any programming knowledge.

In addition, the Reality Pro headset is intended to be used for video watching, communication and gaming. Apple emphasizes that the new product is not intended as a replacement for real life, but rather for short trips into the virtual world – unlike what Meta imagines as virtual reality.

xrOS as the new operating system



Apple trademarked on May 10 »xrOS« legally protected – most likely the name of the operating system of the new mixed reality headset. The “xr” probably stands for “extended reality”.

The user interface of xrOS is said to be very similar to that of iOS – meaning there’s a homescreen with draggable apps and customizable widgets.

Existing apps such as Maps and Messages receive new versions that have been specially adapted for use in AR/VR. For third-party apps, Apple will provide a developer kit.

Rumors about display and hardware

Two M2 chips should be installed in the Reality Pro headset.  (Image: Apple)

Two M2 chips should be installed in the Reality Pro headset. (Image: Apple)

According to The Information, the Reality Pro will have an 8K display for each eye.

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Display Supply Chain Consultants contradicts this info and assumes that the headset will have an innovative system with three screens. Two Micro OLED screens with a resolution of 4000 x 4000 are intended for one eye each, an AMOLED screen for the peripheral field of vision.

On the outside are meant to look total 12 Cameras condition. It is quite possible that these LiDAR-Sensors supported to accurately measure distances. This allows for much more realistic placement of objects in AR.

The AR/VR glasses will two M2 processors at Mac level included to provide high computing power. Apple uses the same chips as in the MacBook Air.

The chips comprise a main SoC with CPU, GPU, memory, and a dedicated Image Signal Processor that converts distorted images captured by the external cameras into a faithful, low-latency video image of the user’s surroundings.

The glasses will also feature an H2 chip to create a low-latency connection with the second-gen AirPods Pro and future AirPods models. Apple is even considering making AirPods mandatory for the best audio experience in glasses, as third-party earbuds don’t work well due to latency issues.

The device does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

How are the glasses powered?

According to Kuo, the glasses come with a 96 watt MacBook charger delivered to power itself. Some sites also report that there is a external battery will be able to supply the Reality Pro for two hours.

Gurman also claims that the external battery pack will be the same shape as Apple’s MagSafe battery pack charger. Thus, it would be small enough to put in your pocket without adding extra weight to the glasses.

What do you think of Apple’s new mixed reality headset? Are you interested? What features would you like for it and do you think that a price of 3,000 euros is too high? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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