NFT: Bitcoin Frogs trading volume surpasses BAYC

The collection Bitcoin Frogs based on Bitcoin recorded a trading volume greater than 2 million dollars over 24 hours, far exceeding Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Bitcoin is now part of the NFT landscape following the launch of the Ordinals protocol earlier this year. And one of the collections issued on its blockchain has seen significant trading volume over the past 24 hours.

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Indeed, more than 2.2 million dollars from Bitcoin FrogsNFTs that represent frogs in a cartoonish way with a pepe sauce, have been exchangedaccording to the tracker data Cryptoslam.

That’s nearly three times the trading volume on the famous BAYC collection from Yuga Labs. Over the course of a week, Bored Ape Yacht Club still holds the top spot with $10.4 million in volume compared to $4.5 million for Bitcoin Frogs.

On the Magic Eden marketplace, the chips Bitcoin Frogs are currently selling at a low price of 0.1345 BTCor about $3,400 at the current price.

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The Bitcoin Frogs collection was launched by the entity Deezywhich also offers two other Ordinals collections with Taproot Shrooms and Bitcoin Wizards.

According to the Dune analytics platform, there are now more than 7.5 million listings on Ordinals. The growing popularity of the protocol has recently caused slowdowns and a sharp rise in fees on the Bitcoin network.

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