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Hypemasters is proud to announce that World War Armies, their real-time mobile strategy hit (with over three million players already battling on mobile), is marching onto Steam. With an early base of operations, history buffs, RTS fans and aspiring generals can now put the game on their wish list prior to its launch in Q2 2024, with Steam Play testing beginning in Q4 2023.

World War Armies is set during the earth-shattering conflict that was WWII and invites players to fight against each other as American, German or Soviet commanders on the most ferocious battlefields in history. Get a taste of the forces that will lead you to war in the gameplay trailer below.

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Inspired by the best historical strategy games and refined for instantly engaging action, World War Armies encourages each commander to find their own strategies, starting with carefully picking their forces. With a vast array of historical vehicles and infantry units to choose from, upgrade, collect and customize with distinctive liveries, each player brings their own unique brand of destruction to the battlefield as they clash in 1v1 or 2v2 competitive matches with skill-based matchmaking.

Making your mark goes deeper than just customizing your armies. Fierce tank fire, artillery and rockets can tear up the environment. Break cover to rubble and rearrange the battlefield as you maneuver your troops to capture key locations. Garrison infantry into buildings to set up cunning ambushes on passing tanks, rain artillery on enemy positions from a safe distance or dive in from the fog of war to smoke out your enemies. World War Armies is a playground for cunning strategists, with a powerful yet accessible interface designed for quick and intuitive play.

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