New Filecoin miners despite disputed FIL security status

Bitmain announces the launch of miners for the network Filecoin. Introductory price : 38,888 dollars per unit. The manufacturer combines a staking service delegated. The sign that the WIRE still has the rating despite its qualification as security by the SEC ?

The manufacturer Bitmain is historically renowned for its Bitcoin miners. This week, TeraWulf announced an order for 18,500 S19j XP machines from the manufacturer. However, the company also offers equipment for other blockchains, including Zcash with the Z15 Pro.

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Bitmain also interested in decentralized storage network Filecoin. On July 20, he announced on Twitter of the launch of its rack miner for Filecoin. It goes on sale today, July 21.

Pool hosting on Antpool and associated staking

Starting price is 38,888 dollars for a hash rate of 4.300T. Buyers can host their miners on the Antpool mining platform. Bitmain also offers a delegated staking service at a cost of 0.5% per month.

Filecoin is based on a rather unusual system, since its distributed storage network integrates both mining, as on a blockchain, and staking. proof of workand the staking like PoS blockchains.

Filecoin works by networking the resources of storage providers. Depending on the capacity provided, these players receive block rewards. At the same time, holders of tokens FIL can participate in security and governance via staking, receiving rewards in return.

Exaion sets its sights on IPFS in France

In France, EDF subsidiary Exaion is interested in this decentralized storage method, particularly for the secure storage of NFTs. As part of its ambition to become the “one-stop shop” and trusted third party for companies’ Web3 projects, the startup is developing a service based on Filecoin.

We’re adding a new service based on the Filecoin protocol, specialized in IPFS. We’re going to become one of the pillars of Filecoin in the coming weeks and months”, confided CEO Fatih Balyeli in April.

Is the regulatory situation in the United States likely to slow down initiatives around the network and its token? Visit SEC reclassified multiple cryptocurrencies as securities, including Filecoin (FIL).

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Tokens reclassified as securities by the SEC, including FIL


Capitalization of WIRE is currently close to $2 billion on Coinmarketcap, up 4.8% over 24 hours to $4.5. Its price has risen slightly since January 1, when it was quoted at $3.

In May and June, the token recorded declines, in reaction to news of its qualification as a security, first through Grayscale. Other tokens cited by the SEC in June have also since gone through bearish episodes.

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