Rovinietă 2022 – what happens to the fines, if you drive outside the locality without. How many are there, actually

Romanian legislation, as in most developed countries, requires drivers to purchase a car at the time of traffic on public roads outside the place of residence. In 2022, however, a few things are changing.

Every driver who drives on the streets in Romania knows about rovinieta. This is a toll whose non-payment easily translates into a fine. Coincidentally, you don’t even have to be stopped by a traffic officer to wake up with a financial penalty on the subject. There are automatic controls on many of the public roads outside the localities, many of them marked as in the picture above, but most of them are not.

Fines for rovinieta, the most important aspect

Many times, you forget to do your homework. You forget that it has expired or you think that, for a few kilometers outside the city, “it will not catch you”. If you are facing such a situation, one detail is very important. You’ll be fined for rovinieta, it’s almost inevitable. At present, the number of fixed cameras responsible for this activity, on national, international, express roads and highways has exceeded 100. However, this will be the only one. If you have been driving without a toll for a month, if you have been caught on three automated toll checks during this time, the fine will be one.

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If you are wondering how much the rovinieta costs in 2022, the answer varies depending on the type of vehicle provided. As for the cars, the rovinieta rates are three euros for seven days, seven euros for 30 days, 13 euros for 90 days and 28 euros for 12 months. In the case of goods vehicles with a total technically permissible mass (MTMA) less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes, the tariffs shall be six euros for seven days, 16 euros for 30 days, 36 euros for 90 days and 96 euros. euro for 12 months.

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The fines are between 250 and 4,500 lei. The lowest fines are given in the case of cars (250 – 500 lei), while the highest fines are given in the case of freight vehicles with MTMA greater than or equal to 12 tons (3,000 – 4,500 lei).

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