Romania hosts the World Esports Championship

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has announced that Romania will host the World Esports Championship in 2023. The tournament, organized by the IESF, will take place in Lași, Romania, and will feature competitions in. eFootball, Dota 2, Tekken, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and CS:GO. In addition, for its 15th edition, the IESF will organize a. CS:GO women’s world championship.

From August 24 to September 4the IESF World Esports Championship will be held at the Digital Throne. In addition, it is expected that more than 20,000 eSports fans will attend this event of ten-day event.

Unlike more traditional esports tournaments, this event features teams formed by nationality, i.e. players need not belong to the same organization. Even so, many of the rosters are usually made up of players from the same team.

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In last year’s edition, North Macedonia emerged victorious in CS:GO, while Indonesia prevailed in Mobile Legends. This is the second time that the IESF has held its world championships in Romania. The 2013 tournament took place in Bucharest with League of Legends, Alliance of Valiant Arms, StarCraft II and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 competitions.

The overall prize money for the event will be $500.000 to be distributed, similar to that of the 2022 edition held in Bali, Indonesia.

The International Esports Federation continually strives for inclusion and diversity in eSports. Women’s teams are an essential part of the Esports World Championships and we are excited about the upcoming women’s competitions. The most valuable female CS:GO player in the world today is Ana Dumbravă, originally from the Moldovan area, so I’m sure she will be an inspiration and a springboard for female teams from all over the world to join the competition, representing one of the 120+ countries.

Vlad Marinescu, President of the IESF

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