MSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI’s new range of laptops -.

At a press event we attended recently, held in Gothenburg, Sweden, we expected MSI to show off their new updated line of laptops, and they didn’t fail here and even introduced some new models. Most of them have gone to a 16: 10 screen ratio, with Nvidia RTX 40 series graphics cards and 13th generation Intel H series CPUs. Let’s discuss some of the models.

The Creator Z17 HX Studio A13V may have a long name, but in short, it is an ultra-compact laptop with 19 mm chassis with a Pen touch display and 100% DCI-P3, Calman verified screen, and is cooled via vapor chamber. At the same time, MSI showed their new MSI Pen 2 with a graphite pen tip, charging via USB, magnetic lock on your computer and 4096 pressure levels.

For businesses, MSI’s Prestige 13 Evo series was in the spotlight, 990 g because of its use of magnesium-aluminum alloy and 15-hour battery life, while still featuring LPDDR5 memory, Wi-Fi 6E and Intel Iris Xe graphics, and there are also Prestige 14 Evo, 16 Evo and 16 Studio variants. In the more creative corner comes the Summit E16 Flip A13V – quite a mouthful, which can flip and stand, and of course has a 360-degree flip, 11 hours of battery and stays ultra-thin at 16.85 mm.

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MSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI's new range of laptopsMSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI's new range of laptops

For the home user, MSI has introduced subtler colors in the slim Modern 15 and Modern 14 series, so named for their screen sizes, and despite their small size, each has full inputs and up to 2 TB of storage. It seems that MSI will target the more moderately priced, everyday notebook market at breakneck speed.

The new gaming laptops, however, are by far the most interesting – we are at the end of the day a gaming medium. There are a few new devices on the more affordable end of the spectrum, but for those who like the existing lines, there are upgrades, and lots of them while prices seem to remain at previous levels.

The new Cyborg -series is perhaps the most interesting, with Intel 13th generation CPU and Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics it brings DLSS 3 to entry-level gaming laptops, alongside a 144Hz display and still thin and light weighing less than 2kg. The Katana -series has also been upgraded with RTX 40 graphics and Intel 13th Gen, and now also has a baby brother – the Sword -series which is smaller, lighter and white.

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MSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI's new range of laptopsMSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI's new range of laptops

For those who need a laptop for gaming as well as rendering and computational use, the upgraded Vector -series with its Nvidia RTX 4070 and Intel 13700HX seems to be a strong candidate, as it also offers strong and smooth cooling. For gaming, it comes with a panel up to 240Hz and a SteelSeries keyboard.

Last but not least is the updated Titan -series – which has reached a slightly more mobile size. We actually just got one in the office, and this behemoth costs an arm and a leg, but offers you a mobile RTX 4090 graphics card, 64 GB of DDR5 memory, Intel’s 24 core 13980HX and a 17.3″ 4K / 144Hz MiniLED display, plus 4 TB of NVMe storage. How expensive is it? Very.

MSIology 2023: Our first impressions of MSI's new range of laptops

As you read this, most of the models should be in stores, but MSI did announce that some variants have sold so fast that they are already sold out.

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