Boric appeals to Chile not to naturalize violence: “It is a priority issue”.

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has announced an increase in the security item allocated in the budgets, and has asked the country’s population not to naturalize violence, referring to an increase in aggressions that are taking place in different areas and sectors of Chile.

Specifically, Boric has mentioned the recent attack his brother received month by a group of young people, as reported by ‘La Tercera’.

“I have emphasized an issue that is undoubtedly a priority and it doesn’t matter where one goes. It can be in Freirina, Punta Arenas, in Iquique or San Ramón. Security is the first issue of concern for our citizens and that is why we have also put it at the center of the budget”, said the Chilean president at a trade forum, where he announced an increase in the security item in the state budget.

“We want to put resources and actions where we put words and we know that to achieve an economic reactivation that is sustainable, the security of families and individuals a priority that we cannot leave aside. Economic security, citizen security and social security”, said Boric, according to the news portal Emol.

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In this sense, the Chilean president recalled the recent aggression suffered by his brother, Simon Boric, when he was in a central street of the capital, Santiago de Chile, arguing that it cannot be naturalized that a person is assaulted “in an indecent manner” in the public thoroughfare .

“You saw that it was very newsworthy that my brother suffered an aggression (…) what is relevant is not that it was my brother. Many of the news focused on the fact that the President’s brother was beaten in an attempt with people who wanted to loot a store. The important thing is not that it was my brother (…) but how is it possible that we can even naturalize that a group of people can attack another in an indecent way in public”, said Boric.

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For this reason, the president of Chile has announced that his government will support the police, calling on the entire population to collaborate in order to put an end to the violent episodes.

“Moral condemnation alone is not enough, because many times there is a sort of party of who condemns first or who interpellates the other to condemn more”, the president reiterated.

“Be clear that in that we are on the same line, but we have to act and that is why we have put the center of our priorities in the Budget in security,” he added.

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