With this mini fridge, you bring a Creeper into your home -.

A mini fridge may not be the ultimate flex out there, but some of them show off incredibly cool designs, like this new device that looks exactly like a Minecraft Creeper.

Available at Target and Walmart in the US (no availability in Europe yet) the Creeper mini fridge has two compartments. One for the face and one for the long body of the mob. Together it can store 12 cans of any beverage you prefer, keeping them cool for those long days at the mine.

The Creeper is Minecraft’s most iconic mob and for years we’ve seen a lot of merchandise based on the exploding menace, but this mini fridge seems to take the cake. It also comes with lights on the inside and outside that you can switch between green and blue.

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Would you buy a Creeper mini fridge?

Get a Creeper in your home with this mini fridge

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