REVIEW The Whale – the Oscar must-see if you like drama

One of the films that caught our eye at this year’s Oscars is The Whale, which you can see in cinemas.

Without fail, one of this year’s most controversial films, along with Everything Everywhere All at Once, both of which break the mold of the ordinary.

But since we’ve already talked about Everything Everywhere All at Once, it’s time to introduce you to The Whale, which many believe is one of this year’s masterpieces.

Why would you watch The Whale

Obviously, if you’re curious to see what this year’s Oscar movies are all about, you’d do well to watch The Whale.

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Regardless of the awards, The Whale is a good film that puts Brendan Fraser back in the spotlight and puts him in a position he’s never been in before.

Fraser plays a teacher who’s far too passionate about his job but, in his journey through life, seems to forget his soulful duties, neglecting his daughter (played by Sadie Sink – you’ve seen her in Stranger Things).

Charlie is morbidly obese and unable to get around on his own, often needing help for what would take you, say, two seconds.

The film’s screenplay is based on a play written by Samuel D. Hunter, and it feels like it, since all the action takes place in one house. In fact, you don’t even need to know this information to realize that The Whale can metamorphose into a play at any time.

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So, if you like drama and aren’t exactly the type to go to the movies for DC or Marvel, The Whale will thrill you, make you think, and make you cheer in thought for Brendan Fraser, who manages to carry his role to the end in absolutely exceptional fashion.

No wonder he was nominated for Best Actor at the 2023 Academy Awards.

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