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The Coachella Festival is back: what’s in store for YouTube, what’s new


After a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the famous Coachella festival will return this weekend. For the tenth year, you will be able to see the music festival on YouTube, and the platform has announced more details about what to expect this time.

So, on the first weekend of the festival, which takes place between April 15 and 17, you will be able to select from three streams, which will present different shows. Streams start on Friday at 19:00 ET and run until Monday evening. These will also include interviews with artists.

Where you can see the Coachella Festival this year

As for next weekend, YouTube will be offering a Coachella Curated experience. This will include encore shows, mini documentaries, artist reviews and more. More information on Coachella Curated will be revealed soon.

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YouTube promises some new features for this year’s Coachella experience. Live Chat for streams will be enabled for the first time. Real-time updates to the program will be provided via fixed chats. Some creators will post videos from the festival and there will be exclusive products on Saturday.

Some artists will also be hosting pre-party parties for YouTube Premium members on both weekends. Therefore, between April 15 and 25, those in the US who have not joined Premium before can sign up for a three-month trial period.

When the Coachella Festival was born in the late 90’s, it was considered one of the most respectable alternative music festivals of the day. However, he has recently undergone a transformation that has taken him away from the spirit with which he began more than twenty years ago. Today, many say that music has taken a few steps back and somehow lost the spirit of the festival. Coachella has become another catwalk for celebrities to wear the latest fashion trends.

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