REVIEW Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story. When the road to hell is really paved with good intentions

“Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story” is the name of one of the newest documentaries and you can watch it on Netflix right now. This is only if you are used to subjects that are a little harder to digest and, why not, if you have a strong stomach.

The reasons why Jimmy Savile’s abuse went unpunished during his lifetime, undetected being the wrong word, since many people knew it, are deeply ingrained in British culture, but not only there.

The new two-part Netflix documentary, “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story,” doesn’t show why the British DJ escaped unpunished after sexually abusing children and teenagers for decades.

At the time, Savile was a valuable public figure who used to disguise his true intentions by organizing charities and raising funds for various humanitarian causes.

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He became so persuasive that at one point Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain gave him the title of “Sir” under pressure from former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Moreover, it is said that Jimmy Savile used to consult Prince Charles frequently, whenever he needed advice on the “marketing” of the Royal Family.

“Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story” or how to turn a blind eye to the pain of others and pretend it doesn’t exist

I saw the documentary a few days ago, on Netflix, and I can say with all my might that it managed to leave a big knot in my throat, which few productions manage to do. Inevitably, it made me ask myself many questions about the apparent goodness of people and, most importantly, about the exact destination of their good intentions.

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Jimmy Savile made history in the UK, being one of the most beloved personalities of all time. Few people knew, or had the courage to see that Savile fit the Romanian proverb “painted his fence outside, his leopard inside”.

A documentary that you have to watch in order to understand what happens when the superficiality of humanity reaches alarming levels.

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