Galaxy Z Fold4 could use batteries from LG, in addition to those produced by Samsung

Now that Samsung has launched its most anticipated mobile devices in the first half of the year, with the Galaxy S21 FE, S22 and Galaxy A series already on the market, information about the company’s next major models is starting to appear on the internet. Galaxy Z Fold4 is expected in the second half of the year, probably in August, and new rumors suggest that we will see some improvements, especially in terms of construction. However, an interesting detail suggests that the batteries used for this model will not only be produced by Samsung, but also by one of the company’s rivals.

Galaxy Z Fold4 could be produced in several copies

According to The Elec, LG could be the supplier of batteries for Samsung’s foldable devices. Previously, Samsung SDI was the battery provider for all the company’s mobile devices, but LG’s offer could be more suitable for the foldable variants. This is because there is information that suggests that Samsung wants to increase the production of foldable models in 2022, which would help lower the shelf price of these devices.

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Galaxy Z Fold3 started at a price of 1,800 euros. Even though the price of the phone has dropped in the last few months, it is still among the highest in the smartphone market. By diversifying suppliers, Samsung will not only have a larger production capacity, having more components available, but producing large volumes, it will be able to reduce costs, receiving components at more advantageous prices.

Of course, Samsung may choose not to lower the price on the shelf, at least not initially, to ensure higher profits.

However, the latest information about the Galaxy Z Fold4 suggests that the phone could be significantly thinner than previous models, with a simpler hinge, and without an integrated S-Pen. It seems that even in 2022, the Fold model will not be equipped with a stylus from the factory, but it will most likely be compatible with S-Pen accessories sold separately, as in the case of the previous generation.

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source: The Elec

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