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Researchers reveal how to detect covid before taking a test


Until now, if you wanted to know if you had covid, you could find out by doing an antigen test correctly or with a PCR, which are the most affordable tests that an ordinary person can do.

One step further was to be tested with a device, developed by researchers from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona and the AIDS Research Institute (IrsiCaixa)what detect covid-19 in saliva samples in less than 30 minutes. or make a cough audio by whatsappshould the technology prove to be reliable.

However, to detect cases of omicron it could be enough to listen to our body and know what two early symptoms are indicative that you may have contracted the disease. omicron variant of covid.

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The researchers point out that there are two symptoms that precede a positive omicron covid test: fatigue and dizziness or fainting. Fatigue, actually understood as muscle weakness or pain -one of the symptoms of the coronavirus-.

And it is that both symptoms develop in the omicron variant but, according to all the experts, patients who have fallen ill with omicron have reported that, first, they have suffered episodes of fatigue and even some lightheadedness or mild loss of consciousness.

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