Research claims AI can help staff in certain workplaces –

A recent study has suggested that AI, specifically a primitive version of ChatGPT, is useful in the workplace for IT support staff, increases their productivity and makes them less likely to quit their jobs.

As reported by NPR, when a Fortune 500 company chose to integrate a version of ChatGPT into its IT support division in late 2020/early 2021, many were skeptical. But over time, the AI proved helpful in handling customer complaints.

It essentially worked like this: a customer would go to IT support with a question. In one window, the employee would have his chat open with the customer and in another he could ask ChatGPT how best to solve the customer’s problem. This led to a decrease in customers asking to speak with a manager, and it caused “low-skilled workers communicated more like high-skilled workers.”

So it appears we may not have to fear our robot overlords taking over, at least for now.

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Research claims AI can help staff in certain workplaces

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