Microsoft says it will sign more deals regarding call of duty – That’s Gaming

How Microsoft will handle the release of Call of Duty games on platforms beyond Xbox and Windows if the company’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through has been a major concern for regulators. Microsoft has taken several steps in recent weeks to address some of those concerns.

The company has signed binding 10-year agreements for future Call of Duty releases with a number of companies for their platforms, including Nintendo, Nvidia, and most recently, cloud gaming company Boosteroid. Previously, Microsoft had also made a similar commitment to Valve for Steam, and more similar agreements are being prepared.

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So says Microsoft President Brad Smith, who recently told the Wall Street Journal that more such deals will follow in the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, a deal between Microsoft and Sony still seems to be a long way off. A 10-year deal is already on the table for PlayStation, but based on information released by Activision, Sony seems only interested in blocking Microsoft’s acquisition of the company.

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