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Discover, repair and restore an array of modern objects and vintage antiques to their former glory in The Repair House, the next game from Claudiu Kiss, the original creator of PC Building Simulator, to be released on PC via Steam on July 19.

Disassemble, clean, repair, customize and sell everything from musical instruments, toys, game consoles, arcade cabinets and more in a relaxing restoration sim. Carefully disassemble each item, locate individual components, and carefully repair and assemble them. Learn the restoration process and plan your performance to perfect your craft.

Furnish your repair house as you see fit. Furnish your tools, unlock new equipment and expand the space to open up new restoration opportunities. Get creative with the paint station to color, spray, stamp and stencil your newly restored items the way you want.

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Bid on unique items at the auction house and explore old barns for rare items to restore. Find hidden gems at the flea market and restore them for a hefty profit. Seize your chance and bid on abandoned storage lots with mysterious contents, figuring out only from the outside what they have to offer. Will you get much more than you paid for … or much less?


  • Run your own repair business in a relaxing repair and recovery game from the original creator of PC Building Simulator.
  • Discover a range of unique items to repair, customize and restore, including musical instruments, arcade cabinets, antiques, toys and more.
  • Visit auction houses, barns and flea markets and bid on storage units to discover profitable items to restore.
  • Customize your workspace and improve your level to become the ultimate repair house.
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“Cludiu’s experience in the repair genre has added so much to the game, and we hope the range of objects, locations, mechanics and customization options available in The Repair House will provide players with an experience they can relax and enjoy, “said Rob Feather, product manager at Fireshine Games. “Taking apart each of the in-game objects is engaging and appealing to the curious minds of players who want to discover their inner workings. We are very excited for players to start their own workshop later this month and build the ultimate repair house.”

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