Red Bull Racing uses Formula One expertise to develop electric scooter -.

It is a fairly well-known fact that Formula 1 serves as a place where a lot of future automotive technology is tested and developed. The teams are at the forefront of performance vehicle technology, and so we often see a trickle down effect where innovative technology and ideas eventually find their way into street cars in one form or another. Red Bull Racing used this line of thinking to get into the world of electric scooters and create a device that took a team of 16 engineers 2,500 hours to perfect.

The F1 team has now lifted the curtain on the RBS # 01, an e-scooter that reportedly features a 750 W motor, 80 Nm of torque, a chassis that weighs only 50 pounds because it is made of carbon fiber and a range of 40 miles. The team described the device as the “ultimate electric scooter”.

In addition to these core features, we are also told that the RBS # 01 has a front LED light for night riding, hydraulic disc brakes to “help you stop like a race car”. and an LCD screen displaying a few key pieces of information.
Since this is a product designed by an F1 team, the main catch is that it costs an arm and a leg to buy one. Currently, the RBS # 01 sells for $6,500, although it is legal on the road, comes fully assembled and ships to your door, so there are some positives behind that stunning price.

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Red Bull

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