Halo Championship Series increases Majors in 2024

Halo Infinite developer, 343 Industrieshas unveiled its Halo Championship Series (HCS) roadmap for 2024.. The new HCS season will include more Majors and team-organized events, as well as the first Halo Infinite Major in Europe.

The Halo Championship Series is the title’s flagship esports tournament series. The esports circuit consists of smaller events and online tournaments, as well as larger LAN events called Majors. The HCS directs teams to the Halo World Championship.

The 2024 season, called Year 3will undergo several format changes, as well as changes to the overall schedule. The first notable change is the inclusion of more Majorswhich will be four this year, two for each Split. This is a major change from last year, when there were only two.

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In addition, each of the Majors will be organized by a partner team.. 343 explained that the fan response to last year’s events was very positive, so the company decided to double the number of events organized by the organization.

The first Majorwill be in the month of March and organized by OpTic Gamingthe second by Quadrant at Mayon third by FaZe Clan in July and the fourth in September by Spacestation Gaming.

Dates and locations.

  • Major 1– Arlington, March 15-17.
  • Major 2 – London, United Kingdom, May 2024. (Days not known)
  • Major 3 – Atlanta, GA, July 2024. (Days not known)
  • Major 4 – Salt Lake City, September 6-8.
  • World Cup – Seattle, October 4-6.
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This year’s prizes will remain the same, with a total of $2M split between the World Cup, Majors and online events.

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