Recommendations of the Spanish Medicines Agency when taking acetaminophen

The paracetamol is one of the drugs most widely used in Spain, due to their effectiveness as analgesic (for symptoms of mild pain y moderate) y antipyretic (states feverish).

The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) indicates that it is. unknown the mechanism exact from actionbut that acts mainly at the level of the Central Nervous System.

More than 15 years

  • It is suitable for adults y teenagers over the age of 15 years y 50 kg.

  • They discourage a prolonged use from high doses because it increases the risk of liver damage.

  • The AEMPS recommends that not to ingest food with the drug if you are looking for a relief from pain more fastespecially if it has a high carbohydrate content.

  • It is necessary to put special attention at no take more of a drug with paracetamol for avoid intoxication.

  • Watch if you have allergy to principal asset or to either of the complements from drug.

  • Do not administer more than two grams at day at chronic alcoholics.

  • At pregnant persons o infants you must have caution when taking it. Although in general no is contraindicatedit is always best to consult with the specialist.

  • No a new influence sufficiently significant when it comes to driving o use machines.

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