Realme GT Neo 5, ready with 240W fast charging

Also expected in the European market, the Realme GT Neo 5 is ready in two versions, with 240W and 150W fast charging.

Apparently, only the 150W model will reach Western markets, as Realme wants to avoid any possible complications with premature failure or possible “spontaneous combustion” of the 240W charging model.

According to information delivered by the famous rumour source Digital Chat Station, Realme will pre-empt rival brand Redmi by shipping a commercial version of the recently demonstrated 240W charging technology. The product in question is the China version of the top-of-the-line GT Neo 5, capable of achieving the aforementioned speed when using the USB-C connection. That’s because even the Chinese authorities have capped the maximum charging speed in wireless mode at 50W, to avoid problems with phones “frying” while left to charge on the adapter turned into a veritable electric griddle.

Clearly, the mere existence of a 150W version demonstrates that the chase for the fastest charging speed on USB-C is not a risk-free ride. Attempting to “optimize” to circumvent these shortcomings, Realme caps the capacity listed on the label at 4600mAh (versus 5000 mAh on the 150W model). At the same time, the manufacturer assures prospective buyers that the battery will withstand at least 1000 charge/discharge cycles until the available capacity drops below 80% of the level listed in the specs. By comparison, the 150W charging version of the phone should withstand 1600 charge/discharge cycles.

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With a psychological impact on attracting buyers rather than a decisive influence in terms of shortening charging time, the maximum power of 240W is reached only as an absolute peak, sustained for a few seconds and only if absolutely ideal conditions are met (battery at the right temperature and charge level, perfect connection via USB-C cable). In reality, the average power delivered is much lower, the difference between the 150W “label” and the 240W one being much smaller than we would be tempted to believe.

According to Oppo’s demonstration with a prototype phone equipped with a 4500mAh battery, the standby time for charging at 0-100% capacity is about 9 minutes. So even going up to 10 minutes with the 4600mAh battery offered by the Realme GT Neo 5, we’re talking about a day’s worth of battery life achieved in roughly the time of a “visit” to the toilet. At worst, standby time could climb towards 20 minutes when equipped with the 5000mAh battery and 150W charging speed.

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Unfortunately, for the full list of Realme GT Neo 5 specs we’ll have to wait for further revelations, with the current rumors focusing solely on the progress made on the charging side.

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