RealityScan: The new Epic Games application that can put any real object into games. VIDEO

Epic Games, the creator of the Unreal graphics engine and the Fortnite game, has announced a new application for the iOS platform. It’s hard to believe that Epic will release software for Apple products following the latest court dispute, which ended last year with an unfavorable verdict for both companies, but it seems that the popularity and capabilities of Apple mobile devices are important for the development of new solutions. The new app is called RealityScan and uses the LiDAR sensors on the iPhone Pro to make 3D models of real objects, ready to be used in video games.

RealityScan launches first on iPhone

RealityScan is not a new concept. Many companies have used smartphones and their advanced sensors to make 3D models. The difference is that Epic Games creates a solution that you can quickly use with its graphics engine, being able to scan an object with your smartphone, after which you can quickly transfer the object directly to a 3D space made in Unreal.

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The short presentation clip demonstrates how in just a few minutes you can completely scan a real object, such as an armchair, in great detail. When the virtual object is created, it retains not only the shape but also the texture of the real object. And if the object does not fit in the virtual environment, you can modify it at will, changing its proportions, geometry or colors directly in the Sketchfab application.

The method of capturing 3D objects in this way is called “photogrammetry” and uses both photos and information captured by 3D sensors such as LiDAR on the iPhone to realistically recreate the scanned objects.

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For starters, Epic Games will provide access to RealityScan for the first 10,000 users who sign up to participate in testing the app through a Test Flight program for iOS. They’re getting access now, and in a few weeks, beta testing will be open on Android.

The official launch of the application will take place sometime in the fall.

source: Phone Arena

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