Razer branded minivan is described as a “mobile esports fortress” -.

We’ve seen a lot of car news making the rounds as part of the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show, but this latest announcement is one for gamers and car enthusiasts alike. As Razer has partnered with Chinese electric vehicle brand, Hycan, to create a “mobile esports fortress” to create that the Hycan V09 minivan EV practices.

Known as the Hycan V09 Razer Edition, the car seats four people in what looks like Razer-branded gaming seats, and even features dedicated space for two PC monitors and desktops at the back of the vehicle. Since this is a Razer-branded car, there is also an array of RGB lighting in the minivan.

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As for how the car manages to power so much electric software is unclear, because although it has a motor that claims to offer 750 km of driving range and 2,200 W of charging in the car, using a pair of battle stations to game on will undoubtedly see that speed drop significantly

Since this is a concept car, don’t expect to see the Hycan V09 Razer Edition on highways around the world anytime soon.

Razer branded minivan is described as a "mobile esports fortress"

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