Radical announces “radical” update for its entry-level model -.

Radical is one of those car brands that most people are probably not familiar with, being a fairly niche company that makes vehicles for motorsports enthusiasts. But despite that being the case, the company does have what it considers an entry-level model, and in terms of that, it has now updated this very model.

Radical announced in a press release that it is giving the XXR treatment to its SR1 model, which means it will improve the car’s engine, chassis design and durability to make it more efficient and faster on the track.

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This will not be the first time Radical has given the XXR treatment to its cars, but it is the first time its most accessible vehicle has received the package, and it is actually the first time in six years that the SR1 has been significantly updated at all.

Radical Motorsport’s head of research, James Pinkerton, states: “Although the entry-level racer, the SR1 XXR, offers an excellent package of unmatched performance for the money you get on the grid in a professionally managed racing series.”

The car can be ordered starting today and is expected to go into production this summer, all before shipping in early February 2024.

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Radical announces "radical" update for its entry-level car

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