The iPad should finally get the best customization options from the iPhone

The boring lock screen on the iPad could soon be a thing of the past.

The boring lock screen on the iPad could soon be a thing of the past.

There are still a number of differences between iOS and iPadOS. With the next update for the Apple tablet, some of these differences could be eliminated – at least for the iPad.

The flounder is supposed to be provided with “new” customization options that have already been available on the iPhone since the introduction of iOS 16.

The well-known analyst 941 on Twitter would like to know that with iPadOS 17 Apple is introducing lock screen adjustments for its own tablet. Thus, part of the space on the lock screen could finally be used sensibly.

These functions have been available for the iPhone since the introduction of iOS 16. Only the developers from Cupertino probably know why Apple didn’t come up with the funnel to implement these adjustments for the tablet in the course of iPadOS 16(.1).

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In addition to the widgets that can be placed on the lock screen, the following customization options for the lock screen in iPadOS 17 are expected:

  • Clock style customization
  • Lock screens can be linked to focus modes
  • Backgrounds with depth effect
  • Wallpaper gallery for the lock screen
  • New background types like emoji, weather and photo shuffle
  • New shades and styles

The expected changes also emerge from a report on the MacRumors website.

Health app is coming to the iPad

In addition to the long overdue customization options of iOS 16, the health app for the Apple tablet is expected with the next update. The health metrics should be shown on a larger display.

What does Apple want to achieve with this? As always, that remains to be seen. However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes that Apple wants to put its foot further in the doorstep of healthcare facilities that primarily work with tablets.

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Apple Watch users can mirror their data to the iPad and doctors can access it more easily.

Of course, the planned changes have not yet been confirmed. Only on June 5th at the developer conference will we probably expect certainty about the changes that will await us with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

Apparently, Apple will focus on human health with the upcoming major update:

We would be very happy if the empty space on the iPad lock screen could be put to good use. What do you think of the alleged changes? Do you see it the same way and the customization options from iOS 16 should have gone over with the release of iPadOS 16.1, or do you not care about such embellishments? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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