Rabla 2022 program, after Dacia’s price increase: what are the cheapest cars you can buy in Romania

If you were thinking of buying a new car in Romania, through the Rabla 2022 program, it is worth noting that Dacia is no longer the cheapest. You have very good options under 10,000 euros, but the creations of the builder from Mioveni no longer fit.

In the context of government programs to encourage the purchase of new cars, Romanians have become increasingly eager to collaborate in the renewal of the car fleet in Mioritic lands. In the first three months of this year alone, the market grew by almost 40%. Unfortunately, production has no chance of keeping up with demand in the context of the global semiconductor crisis. The alternative, which Dacia also used, is to increase prices and stop production of the cheapest cars in the portfolio. Thus, we have reached the situation where, even through the Rabla 2022 program, Dacia no longer costs less than 10,000 euros.

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The cheapest cars in Romania, through the program Rabla 2022: Dacia is no longer in the top

The cheapest car in Romania through the Rabla program, after the Dacia price increases, is the Suzuki Ignis with a price of 9750 euros including VAT. Without Rabla, the value is 13,025 euros including VAT. For reference, we are talking about the Mild Hybrid 12v edition with Cool equipment, 1.2L engine, 5MT transmission, front-wheel drive and fervent red color.

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On the second position in the same ranking of the cheapest cars you can get through Rabla 2022, is the Renault Clio – 9800 euros with VAT included. This is the SCe 65 edition with authentic equipment, 1 liter petrol engine, front-wheel drive and 5MT transmission.

Dacia Spring is on the third position in the ranking, with a purchase price of 10,150 euros, but Romanians who want a Dacia on traditional fuel, will opt for a Sandero Stepway, at 10,500 euros with VAT through the Rabla Clasic program. It comes with Essential equipment, a 1 liter TCE 90 petrol engine with 90HP, 6MT transmission and front-wheel drive.

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