PWC rallies the metaverse to the cause of sustainable development

PwC France and Maghreb joins the ELYX Foundation. The reason for this partnership ? Demonstrate the possible contribution of metaverse and the Web3 at 17 Objectives from Sustainable Development defined by the members of theUN. A challenge?

Do Metaverse and sustainable development go hand in hand? This is what the France and Maghreb subsidiary of the consulting and auditing firm PWC. This one announces indeed its association with the ELYX Foundation.

The latter, under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, aims to ensure the promotion of human rights and the Agenda 2030. The agenda is above all 17 sustainable development goals established by the member states of the United Nations.UN.

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A climate time bomb

Within this framework, ELYX has carried out several projects related to Web3 and the metaverse. One of its aspirations is to “make the Web3 A lever for accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

However, the recent synthesis report of the IPCC points out how difficult such objectives are to achieve. Their “attainment is declining”, even PWC and the ELYX Foundation note. The two partners therefore propose to accelerate actions. And the metaverse would be a gas pedal for this.

Emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, extended reality, blockchain, etc.) can provide sustainable solutions for the ecosystem (governments and businesses) while contributing to the progress of society,” says PWC.

Web3 contributes to progress

But we still have to prove it. The firm and the UN foundation “invite their entire ecosystem to reflect and build solutions around 10 convictions.” These convictions will focus “on how the metaverse and Web3 can contribute to the progress of society.”

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“Ultimately, the goal is to transform these convictions into applicable solutions,” says Pauline Adam-Kalfon, the Web3 activity manager for the consulting firm’s French subsidiary. She points out that the company has launched a Tech Lab or immersive space for this very purpose.

Last September, the question of the compatibility of the metaverse with the challenges of responsible digital was asked on the occasion of the first edition of the Metaverse Forum. And this question was by no means decided at the end of the debates.

A sustainable metaverse to create

The discussions highlighted the environmental problems posed by the metaverse and its uses. By nature or natively, the metaverse is not responsible or sustainable. This will require, among other things, the respect of eco-design criteria and the accountability of users.

Accenture promotes, for example, a “sustainable development quotient” and the real consideration of CSR issues in the choice of digital solutions. Solutions that include metavers and Web3 technologies. Frédéric Bardeau of the Metaverse Academy, in addition to training and culture, recommends the use of regulations.

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