Web3 engagement platform Raleon raises $3.8M

Raleona platform focused Web3 marketing which helps brands, games and DApps engage and retain users, has just closed a tour de table led by American VC Blockchange.

While the crypto craze is at an all-time low, startups offering platforms that help brands to develop their Web3 community are still attracting investors. This year, several start-ups specializing in this niche have raised funds, including France’s Zealy and Cohort, and Israel’s Addressable.

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On Thursday, another web marketing company3, Raleon, announced to have completed a financing round from 3.4 million dollars led by venture capital firm Blockchange. The deal also includes the participation of Play Ventures, Alliance DAO and Portal Ventures, according to the announcement.

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Founded in 2022 in the United States, Raleon proposes a SaaS platform which offers Growth Analytics, Web3 Marketing Automation and Embedded Quests solutions. The service leverages both on-chain and off-chain data to optimize retention and conversion.

The Embedded Quest feature is more than just gamification; it’s a versatile engagement tool. It’s an innovative approach to developing and nurturing communities, improving user onboarding and building long-term loyalty in a fun and interactive way,” said Raleon co-founder Nathan Snell in a statement.

A number of major brands are now exploring the marketing opportunities offered by this new generation of the Internet, thanks in particular to NFTs.

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In an interview with RoyalsBlue.com Earlier this year, a Salesforce executive declared that the Web3 was now “a source of data to include in its CRM approach”.

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