Published a photograph of Johnson in one of the alleged parties in Downing Street

MADRID, Feb. 9 (Royals Blue) –

The British newspaper ‘Daily Mirror’ has published on Wednesday a photograph in which you can see the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, near a bottle of champagne in one of the alleged parties that were held in Downing Street during the pandemic.

The photograph in question seems to show a meeting held at Christmas, since one of the three people who appear of the Johnson team and the ‘Premier’ team – leads to the neck a spine, while another one carries a hat of Santa Claus.

The ‘Daily Mirror’ ensures that the photo was taken on December 15, 2020, in a “virtual” contest celebrated on the occasion of Christmas. The same newspaper published a photo of the same event in December, which showed Johnson with two colleagues at a table, but alcoholic beverages did not appear.

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At the time, the British government said the prime minister “briefly and virtually participated” in the meeting to thank his team for their work during the pandemic, the BBC recalled.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s former adviser Dominic Cummings has assured on his Twitter account that there are “better” photos of the prime minister. In parallel, he has assured that “they will come out”.

After the publication of this photograph, Scotland Yard has announced that the Police will reconsider their first decision not to investigate this party, recalls the Sky News chain.

While the police at first discarded conducting an investigation since the evidence of which were available were insufficient, after the latest revelations “that evaluation is now reviewed”.

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In case of changing his mind, the meeting of that December 15, 2020 would be the thirteenth who would be under investigation. At that time, level 2 restrictions were in force, among which was the prohibition to meet with non-cohabid people.

The alleged parties in Downing Street have put Johnson on the ropes. Sue Gray’s report on the matter, partially published, concludes that Johnson’s Government incurred “leadership and judgment failures,” while having an impact on the behavior of the executive around meetings “is difficult to justify”. Johnson has apologized but has shown no intention of resigning. The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating a total of 12 gatherings.

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