Up to 57% off memory cards for Steam Deck and Switch!

If you need more storage space for your various mobile devices or if you have lost one of your tiny microSD cards, you can now get a cheap replacement from Amazon. The small storage media from SanDisk are currently greatly reduced, giving you a lot of storage space for a small price!

Buy cheap microSD from Amazon

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MicroSD cards come in a variety of sizes, with models currently available ranging from 128GB to 512GB. Depending on the device, you need different bus and speed classes. Check out the article on the best microSD cards for Steam Deck to learn how to determine which card offers what performance:

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Writing and reading speeds are particularly important. Slow cards can quickly cause problems, such as dropped 4K video recordings, if the data can’t be written fast enough.

Once you know which card you need, you can strike! From Samsung Evo Plus to Samsung Pro Plus, there is a wide range of discounted disks that you can use for smartphones, cameras, portable consoles, drones and recorders. There is hardly an area today where you can do without them.

Large selection: You can currently get the versions from 64 GB to 512 GB cheaper. The biggest discount is on the 256 GB version. It has been reduced by 47 percent and currently only costs €32.90 instead of the RRP of €76.99! This gives you a lot of storage space for all kinds of devices. From the Steam Deck, through the Nintendo Switch, to Cameras, Drones, Recorders and more!

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