PRL aims to link esports with real circuits

The sports, entertainment and media company Racing Prodigy has announced a new simulation racing league called Prodigy Racing League (PRL). The goal of the league is to provide an avenue for. move from competing in simulation racing to real circuits.

Racers will compete in iRacing, Street Kart Racing, rFactor 2 and RaceRoom.. The league will consist of a series of 12 esports tournaments. The top 15 drivers will have the opportunity to drive Radical SR1 race cars at the Atlanta Motorsports Park in the United States during an event called Prodigy Week.

In addition, there will be another similar event in early 2024, bringing the pool of pilots to 50. These pilots will then have the opportunity to compete in the PRL’s real racing series in the United States.

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If all goes according to plan, this ambitious project will allow sim racing drivers to move from competing in competitions of the likes of iRacing to a contract in a real-world automotive series. The biggest benefit, according to the organizers, is the financial reduction for the drivers. An important factor, considering that motorsport is notorious for its high cost of entry.

In addition to announcing the first series of tournaments, Prodigy Racing League has announced three founding partners: GRID Engineering, Asetek SimSports and SIM-LAB. All three companies are creators of racing simulation equipment, such as pedals, steering wheels, seats and other items needed for racing.

At Racing Prodigy, we are lowering the financial barriers to entering motorsports to the same level as traditional sports. PRL is the new home for racers of all backgrounds and abilities, where they can pursue their motorsports dreams from the screen to the track. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in motorsports, and today we have taken a momentous step.

David Cook, CEO of Racing Prodigy

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