Portrait of Charles III to appear on British coins unveiled

The British Royal Mint has unveiled this Friday the official effigy of King Charles III that will appear on coins after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The king’s portrait will begin to be seen on pennies from December, when 50 pence coins bearing the effigy of the British monarch will gradually begin to enter circulation, the mint itself has detailed.

This new design, made by sculptor Martin Jennings, shows Charles III looking to the left, contrary to how his mother did on the coins, thus following the tradition imposed by Charles II in which each monarch looks in the opposite direction to his predecessor.

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Charles III is depicted without a crown, and is surrounded by a Latin inscription that translates as “King Charles III, by the grace of God, defender of the faith.”

The monarch himself has given his approval to the portrait and has let the sculptor know, the British Royal Mint said in a statement.

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