Porsche opens new division focused on “intelligent and connected vehicles” -.

The future of cars is undoubtedly electric. But beyond powertrains and engines, what other types of kooky and unusual features will be commonplace in future cars? Porsche seems to think that connectivity solutions, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure is something that will be common in the future.

To ensure that it has a firm place in the future of automotive connectivity, Porsche has now announced the creation of a new software division that will “will focus on software development for intelligent and connected vehicles.” With our new software division, we can develop and test these types of features for our customers directly on site.” says Antonio Gratis, managing director of NTC.

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The division’s headquarters will be located in Salento in southern Italy and will be operated by the Nardò Technical Center. It is noted that as part of the work to improve connectivity in cars, the division will look to open its doors to the nearby city of Lecce to create and test ideas, while also taking the concepts to test tracks to launch.

Porsche opens new division focused on "intelligent and connected vehicles"

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