Polestar relies on unfair competition: controversial Super Bowl 2022 commercial

Polestar relied on a less “orthodox” tactic in the 2022 Super Bowl, practicing unfair competition in the competition broadcast in the competition. In fact, this practice is quite common in the United States, a country where the rules are not so strict, in terms of how traders of any kind build their advertisements.

The controversial commercial from Polestar, a well-known electric car manufacturer, “hit the ground running” with its main competitors, the most targeted of which was Elon Musk, together with Tesla, his soulmate.

Polestar hit the competitors under the belt

The market for electric cars has recently become quite crowded, with many carmakers preferring to refocus some of their production on this niche. For the sake of prominence, Polestar resorted to unfair competition by publishing an advertisement in the Super Bowl suggesting that all the so-called good intentions of other electric car manufacturers were lies and exaggerations, for the sake of sales.

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For example, Polestar targeted Volkswagen, the most ironic company being Tesla. “We don’t want to conquer the moon,” they wrote in the Super Bowl commercial. Therefore, the manufacturer trying to cope with others is trying to suggest that many of the eco-friendly features that competitors boast about would only be “in the eyes of the world”, without a real foundation.

Among the commercials presented at the Super Bowl were some related to the “Sopranos Clan”, or the return of Dr. Evil, in “Austin Powers”.

As I said at the beginning of the article, such advertisements are quite common in the United States, unlike in Europe, for example, where the law requires that producers or traders show a minimum of respect for their colleagues. guild. In other words, you can boast as long as you don’t discredit anyone.

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You can see the ad in question below:

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