Polestar promises that its next car will be the fastest yet. –

A lot of news and information will probably emerge from the world of cars next week, because that will be when the Shanghai Auto show begins. But regardless, automakers have started sharing some information about what they will bring to the big convention, and for Polestar, that consists of a teaser of its next vehicle.

Known as the Polestar 4, this car will be shown in full at the event, but before that takes place, the manufacturer has promised that the car will be the fastest Polestar in production to date.

As stated in a press release: “Design elements and sustainability improvements initially shown in Polestar’s concept cars will make their production debut in Polestar 4. The electric SUV coupe will also be the fastest Polestar production car to date.”

The full unveiling will take place on April 18, when the auto show begins.

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Polestar promises its next car will be the fastest yet.

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