PlayStation 5 Pro already in development and coming in 2024, insider says

The current Playstation 5 consoles are to be replaced by a Slim and a Pro version.  (Image: Sony)

The current Playstation 5 consoles are to be replaced by a Slim and a Pro version. (Image: Sony)

The PS5 has now been on the market for more than two years and the question is starting to arise as to whether there will be a PS5 Slim or PS5 Pro and when they might appear. According to initial reports, the development of the new consoles is said to have already begun.

PS5 Slim with removable drive and Pro version

Tom Henderson writes on Insider Gaming that his sources have confirmed to him that the PS5 Pro is already in development and should be released in late 2024. Before that, Sony will replace the old PS5 with a thinner model with a removable disc drive.

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This is intended to reduce production and shipping costs for the company. This supposed PS5 Slim should even appear this year. One of Henderson’s sources claims that this will only be the beginning of a series of new hardware for Playstation users.

There is still no concrete information about the performance and specifications of the Playstation 5 Pro. A patent recently filed by Mark Cerny, discovered by Twitter leaker Onion00048, suggests improved ray tracing performance.

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Otherwise, as is usual with a Pro console, we can expect overall improved performance and graphics. According to Jeff Grubb, Sony is planning a Playstation Showcase before the E3 trade fair in June. There is a good chance that they will use this event to introduce new Playstation hardware.

The Playstation 6, on the other hand, is still a long way off. Henderson assumes that this could not come onto the market until around 2028. This would also fit with the earlier release cycles.

Another question that should interest many: How much should the PS5 Pro cost? For the “normal” Playstation 5, more than 500 euros are already due today. How much more can a Pro version cost then, in your opinion? Or are you more interested in the Playstation 5 Slim with removable drive? Tell us in the comments!

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