Playstation 5 bundle with second DualSense controller cheap at MediaMarkt

There is currently an exciting offer for all those who are interested in the Playstation 5. You can currently get a bundle with the PS5 and an additional DualSense controller cheaply from Media Markt. Here you save 11 percent on the RRP of 619.99 euros, which means you only €549.99 pays!

Buy PS5 with two controllers cheap at MediaMarkt

It’s all included in the bundle

You get a strong package here, consisting of the Playstation 5 with equal 825 GB of internal memory, which gives you more than enough space for all kinds of games. It doesn’t matter whether you install retail games or simply want to have many digital titles from PSN on the console at the same time.

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You not only save on the price of the PS5 itself, you also get the second DualSense controller another bonus on top of it, which normally also costs a whole 69.99 euros. This almost doubles the price reduction thanks to the bundle!

Having a second controller is not only worthwhile if you like playing local multiplayer titles. It’s also a good way to jump right back in when you’re playing alone and suddenly the battery of your controller is empty! In addition, you can not only use the controller with the console, but also on the PC.

A special advantage: The Metal Gear Solid Master Collection will also be released later this year. And the first in the series famously has a boss fight that you can only beat by using a second controller. However, it is not yet entirely clear whether this interesting feature will also be included in the re-release for modern systems.

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To the offer at MediaMarkt

Why is the PS5 still worth it?

Numerous exciting games have been released for the Playstation 5. You can find the best in a large list in the following ranking:

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