FTC calls THC-infused Doritos ‘marketed recklessly’ -.

The United States’ Federal Trade Commission has targeted a collection of THC-infused snacks that were marketed in such a way that you could easily assume they were non-THC foods.

As noted in a press release, the FTC challenged the marketing of a collection of products as “reckless and illegal” and to protect the welfare of children, it took action to “ensure ensure that their products are marketed safely and responsibly”.

The FTC has sent letters to Delta Munchies, Exclusive Hemp Farms, North Carolina Hemp Exchange, Dr. Smoke, Mikte’s Wholesale and The Haunted Vapor Room, all in the effort to see changes made to products such as Dr. Smoke THC-infused Doritos, which admittedly could very easily be considered regular Doritos.

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Some products are even said to use popular mascots, such as Dr. Smoke’s THC-infused Cheetos, which see Chester Cheetah on the packaging. Others are less well known, as is the case for Delta Munchies gummy bears.

The FTC has demanded that these companies not use packaging that might appeal to young people and have asked other vendors to review their marketing and packaging for THC-infused products in the future.

FTC calls THC-infused Doritos "recklessly marketed"

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