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Playdigious announced its new publishing company, Playdigious Originals, at the Future Games Show today. The new publishing structure is partnering with Ritual Studios to launch Fretless – The Wrath of Riffson as its first title. Fretless is a pixel art journey set in the vibrant and diverse musical rock world, inspired by musician and content creator Rob Scallon. The game is an RPG adventure with turn-based combat launching in 2024.

In Fretless, players search for harmony in a detuned, corrupt world currently threatened by the tyrannical Rick Riffson, the boss of Super Metal Records.
The game invites players to explore a whimsical but dangerous musical world, where every flower tinkles, rocks have a rhythmic quality and beach waves carry their own melody.

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The title also presents turn-based battles anchored in a deck-building system that allows players to orchestrate melodic riffs to crush their enemies. Whether they prefer a build with lots of damage, devastating musical effects, life-stealing combos or even random chaos, Fretless offers endless arrangements to play with.

In addition, Playdigious is proud to announce the launch of its indie label, Playdigious Originals. This label aims to provide independent developers with a platform to showcase their creativity and commit to delivering unique and innovative gaming experiences to players around the world.

Fretless – The Wrath of Riffson is one of the flagship titles under the Playdigious Originals label and embodies the spirit of creativity, passion and artistic expression that the label stands for. Through Playdigious Originals, the company is pleased to continue championing indie games and contributing to the thriving community for indie game developers.

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