Pixel Tablet, released for sale on Facebook Marketplace long before Google announced it

Google announced the Pixel Tablet as early as the middle of this year, but the release date set for 2023 hinted that the product was still far from final form. In the meantime, a copy of the Pixel Tablet somehow ended up for sale on the Facebook Marketplace.

According to rumors so far, Google plans to unveil the first Pixel Tablet model, along with the speaker dock accessory, only in mid-2023. But both have reportedly already appeared on the used market in working condition and apparently complete.

In the images added to the announcement description, we can see the new Pixel Launcher interface optimized for tablets and a familiar wallpaper that can be found in the ‘Feather’ collection included with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro firmware. Another clue to the tablet’s authenticity seems to be the “Welcome to your new Pixel” message usually displayed on Pixel devices fresh out of the box, or reset to factory settings.

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As for the speaker dock accessory, it makes the tablet look like a Nest Hub Max series smart display, suggesting that the new Pixel tablet takes on at least some of its functionality. What’s certain is that other screenshots come to confirm that we’re dealing with a genuine Pixel tablet and not an oversized smart display.

The Pixel Tablet is made specifically to communicate well with Pixel phones, and Google says it will be “the world’s smartest tablet.” That’s probably where Android’s AI features will come in. While we can’t tell from the images shown exactly what internal hardware the tablet uses either, we can assume it will use some variation of the Google Tensor chip.

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