Pixel 7 Pro comes out a bit “wrecked” in endurance tests. VIDEO

Pixel phones don’t have a very long tradition of solid construction. Over the years, a few models have failed JerryRigEverything’s extreme endurance tests, and some prospective customers were probably also waiting for the test for the new Pixel 7 Pro to check if it really is “safe” to buy. It turns out that the Pixel 7 Pro holds up better than other models in Google’s device lineup, but not by much. At least it doesn’t break in half.

Pixel 7 Pro, easy to scratch in normal use

While the phone is built from premium materials found on other models, such as aluminum (recycled, Google says), and Gorilla Glass Victus glass, they don’t seem to be best blended together. The two glass panels are separated on the back by the “viewfinder” that houses the cameras, and that doesn’t provide the structural integrity we find on other models. So when the phone is bent, part of the bezel comes off the area with the viewfinder, as bending is possible. It just so happens that the plastic antennas of the other device are positioned there.

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Then, the viewfinder itself is not at all scratch resistant. Even though it’s made of aluminium, the glossy paint applied to it is immediately scratched by almost anything you might have in your pocket, like coins, keys or even dust. Incidentally, the phone appears to be scratched without coming into contact with anything but the dust in the room and the box it came in.

The screen doesn’t appear to be one of high quality either. The burn-in test reveals that its pixels are permanently stopped in contact with fire. Of course, this test isn’t one that gives much insight into “normal” usage and its effects over time, but it would be a good idea not to put your phone near a fireplace, stove or stove, for example.

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The Pixel 7 Pro thus emerges from endurance tests mostly intact, but only with a passing grade, not congratulations.

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