Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office ratifies request for 12 years in prison against Kenji Fujimori

Supreme Public Prosecutor Alcides Chinchay ratified this Wednesday the position of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to request 12 years in prison against former Popular Force congressman Kenji Fujimori for the case of alleged vote-buying during a motion of censure.

During the final arguments hearing in the trial against Fujimori, the Public Prosecutor has affirmed that “sufficient evidence” has been presented that accredits that both the former congressman and other members of Popular Force gave benefits to other legislators to vote against the motion of censure that was presented at the time with President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, as reported by the newspaper ‘El Comercio’.

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“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has been able to demonstrate that Kenji Fujimori, Guillermo Bocángel, Bienvenido Ramírez and Alexei Toledo offered congressmen Moisés Mamani, Carlos Ticlla and Modesto Figueroa gifts and benefits so that they would sell their public function and their function of control and sanction,” the Public Prosecutor’s Office detailed in a press release.

In September 2021, the Public Prosecutor’s Office presented a constitutional accusation against former president Kuczynski and Kenji Fujimori for allegedly buying votes to avoid the vacancy in exchange for a pardon for former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), according to ‘El Comercio’.

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