Pentagon responds to conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is a psy-op -.

Taylor Swift is everywhere these days. She has been for years, but it seems her popularity has peaked a bit lately. Fox News in America has gotten wind of this and believes the singer is popular because of a psy-op run by the U.S. Pentagon.
What is a psy-op, you ask? Well, it’s short for psychological operation, and it implies that something is being done to force people to change their psychology. For example, Jesse Watters of Fox News believes Taylor Swift is being used by the U.S. Pentagon to change people’s beliefs as a major asset.
Watters then stated that there have been other such assets in the past, such as Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, Elvis Presley and more. The ravings of a madman, broadcast live on television. For whatever reason, the Pentagon felt it appropriate to respond to these allegations, with spokesperson Sabrina Singh saying the following in an official statement:

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“As for this conspiracy theory, we’re going to shake it off.”

Now, in fairness to the conspiracy nuts, referring to Taylor Swift lyrics in response to a theory about how you control Taylor Swift may not be the best way to get these accusations off your chest. However, this again seems an incredible reach from the original theorists.

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