At this price, LEGO has to dress warmly!

LEGO Star Wars sets are often expensive – but there are alternatives!

Why is the offer so exciting?

LEGO sets are very popular, no question – I have a few of them myself and enjoy putting them together with my nephew. However, the pricing is sometimes almost cheeky. In my opinion, some sets are just too expensive. With the rather unknown LEGO alternatives, you get a lot more for significantly less – and the quality of the building blocks is right!

There are tons of terminal blocks on Amazon. The LEGO sets are, of course, dominant. LEGO Star Wars in particular is a well-known term. However, there are also offers from the competition that are really tough – and Leaving LEGO far, far behind in terms of price-performance.

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LEGO Star Wars has to dress warmly: Mold King is competing!

Mold King is known for his high quality terminal blocks. The manufacturer has made a name for itself by offering models that are sometimes incredibly complex – sometimes with over 12,000 parts!

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One of The biggest advantage of Mold King is the compatibility of its building blocks with LEGO. However, the brand is much less well-known, which occasionally leads to doubts about the quality – unfounded, as many fans would confirm. The durability of Mold King's stones is even considered to be better than the original.

The Tie Bomber is almost 40 centimeters tall - and very detailed.

The Tie Bomber is almost 40 centimeters tall – and very detailed.

Large tie bomber from the LEGO alternative – this is what it can do:

The Mold King Tie Bomber set is really big: the final dimensions will be with almost half a meter specified!

  • To you: Consists of 3,616 ABS plastic parts – compatible with LEGO.
  • Richness of detail: Inner life, drives, struts – everything is included! The angle of the wings can even be adjusted.
  • Construction time: Around 35-40 hours.

A small note: It is often the case that the building block sets from MOLD King do not come in packaging like you would expect from LEGO. Instead, you receive the building blocks directly in plastic bags along with instructions. For that The set only costs a really cheap €129!

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Original LEGO Star Wars tie fighters and bombers much more expensive

Compared to Lego, you notice two things in particular: On the one hand, the Mold King set is much, much more complex and detailed than the LEGO variants. Here you have thousands of parts and a really well-crafted model that is fun to exhibit.

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The LEGO sets, on the other hand, are smaller, more expensive and sometimes not available. However, they are original LEGO and licensed – that is not the case with Mold King.

The Tie-Bomber and Tie-Fighter: Everyone knows these space fighters!

Before we turn to the kit, I would like to briefly talk about the Ties from Star Wars. In my opinion They are among the most iconic space fighters ever designed – no wonder that you see – or especially hear – a few of them flying in almost every Star Wars film and series! A few fun facts, anyone?

  • Design-Revolution: The Tie-Bomber was designed to stand out from its predecessor, the Tie-Fighter. While the Tie Fighter is known for its maneuverability, the Bomber scores with its additional firepower.
  • in the movie: The Tie-Bomber's first appearance was in one of the early Star Wars films, where it immediately attracted attention.
  • Technical sophistication: Unlike most other spacecraft, Tie bombers have a unique twin hull structure that gives them a distinctive appearance.
  • Sounddesign: The Tie Fighter's distinctive sound was created by mixing elephant calls with car sounds. A combination that became one of the most iconic sounds in film history.
  • Inspiration from reality: The design of the Tie Fighter was partly inspired by the cupolas of the German warship “Scharnhorst”. This connection between reality and fiction shows how real technologies can influence fantasy worlds.

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