Panasonic and Leica announce L2, a new alliance through which they will develop shared cameras and lenses

Panasonic and Leica were already partner companies, both in the field of mirrorless cameras in Micro Four Thirds Lumix G format, and in Full Frame cameras in the Lumix S series.2 (L Squared / L squared), it’s not exactly a surprise. The cameras and lenses that the two companies will launch in the future will use shared technologies based on this partnership, even if they will continue to be sold under their own brands.

Leica and Panasonic were already collaborating in the field of cameras and video

Leica is one of the few manufacturers of lenses for Lumix G Micro Four Thirds and one of Panasonic’s partners in developing certain cameras. As a result, Panasonic already offers Leica technologies that it integrates into their digital cameras. Panasonic and Leica are also founding members of the L-Mount Mirrorless Alliance for the development of full-frame Full Frame cameras, which include Sigma and Leitz (another Leica brand).

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By the establishment of L2the two companies promise to work closely together to develop new technologies and products:

“Through this collaboration, the two companies will jointly invest in new technologies that can be incorporated into cameras and lenses, and will integrate technologies developed jointly into Leica and Lumix products to further enhance their capabilities. From now on, Leica and Lumix will use L technologies2which will open up new creative possibilities for camera users and in marketing activities to develop a long-term collaboration system. ”, the two companies announced in a press release.

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With the optical technologies developed by Leica, Panasonic could launch better lenses, at prices that are probably more affordable than those sold directly by Leica. This partnership may also lead to the implementation of a more powerful autofocus system on LUMIX camera models. At the same time, Leica will benefit from the photo technologies developed by Panasonic, especially in the software area, where Panasonic offers advantages over other manufacturers in the market.

source: Engadget

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