Scientists picked up shock waves from colliding black holes -.

Two giant black holes are believed to spiral into each other, combining two distant galaxies far away in space. But even because they are so far away from Earth, scientists believe they have picked up shock waves from the colliding phenomenon.

This could be the first direct evidence that black holes can affect time and space. Scientists believe this is how galaxies grow and that similar processes are taking place all over the universe.

Prof. Michael Kramer of the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy in Bonn told the BBC that this discovery “could tell us whether Einstein’s theory of gravity is wrong; it could tell us about what dark matter and dark energy, the mysterious stuff that makes up most of the universe, really is; and it could give us a new window on new theories of physics.”
There are theories that black holes exist at the heart of all galaxies, but this has not yet been proven. Observations of these colliding black holes have been made by studying signals from dead stars, which emit signals at precise intervals. By seeing these intervals distorted, scientists were able to figure out that the black holes distorted time.

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Scientists picked up shock waves from colliding black holes

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