OXO Video Game Museum closes 2023 with more than 120,000 visitors

OXO Video Game Museum concludes its first year presenting its annual balance. In commemoration of the anniversary of its facilities, Santiago Bustamantecultural director of the museum, Javier Ramosco-founder of Kaiju Entertainment and Francisco Saladopresident of Diputación de Málaga have made official the data of the last course in a report that has been announced to the press.

After the thanks of the cultural director, the president of Diputación de Málaga has presented the results of the year highlighting that during 2023, more than 120,000 visitors from all over the world have passed through its facilities. to learn about the past, present and future of the video game industry.

In addition, the dissemination of culture has been one of the main missions it has championed since its opening. More than 10,000 regional, national and international students. have enjoyed a didactic and educational experience. throughout the museum’s tour.

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On the other hand, the promotion of video game culture by OXO Museo has gone through different points. Talks with different personalities from the industry in their OXO TALKS and Beers & Devs and the initiatives of the Video game as a tenth art or the search for the best definition of video gamehave starred in the proposals that have been broadcasted from within the entire national territory.

Likewise, Francisco Salado focused his attention on the tourism generated. Of the overall number of visitors, the 40% corresponds to foreign touristswho, either because of their interest in the museum or because of the temporary exhibitions, have wanted to visit it.

Finally, the president of the Provincial Council did not want to overlook the milestone they have achieved together with Turismo Costa del Sol to bring the museum to the Costa del Sol. for the first time in Europe the exhibition of Final Fantasy twinning Japan with the city of Malaga. and being one of the main attractions of the city in terms of culture.

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After his speech, Javier Ramos thanked all the institutions and companies for making this first year possible.He also announced the program of activities that will take place during the month of February and part of March, both on and off site.

Discounts during the first week, photographs as souvenirs, gifts, a raffle of a video game, computer workshops for children and adults, actions with streamers and giant figures will be part of the party that OXO Museum will be held throughout Malaga in order to demonstrate that they are still committed to the video game culture and the entire industry that surrounds it.

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