Oppo is working on a cheaper flip-flop phone that will compete with Samsung’s Flip3

Oppo has only recently entered the market for smartphones with foldable screens with the new Find N, a model with a smaller display than the alternatives on the market, but easier to use. As a result, it has a more affordable price, and in this area Oppo will try to keep its advantages. New rumors about a second folding phone from the Chinese company suggest that it will be a “clamshell” device, rival to the Galaxy Z Flip3, which will be delivered at a lower price.

Oppo prepares foldable clamshell phone

The price of the Galaxy Z Flip3 has already dropped in the area of ​​those relatively affordable for premium devices. At a price between 4,000 and 4,500 lei, the Samsung phone benefits from powerful hardware and an extraordinary screen, as well as a compact format when closed.

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Oppo’s new clamshell device would take a similar format and could hit the market in the second half of 2022. Just as Find N is smaller than Fold3, this device is likely to be more compact than competition. This would reduce the cost of production for the screens, but would also provide less indoor space for the battery and cameras. Fortunately for Oppo, Samsung has not integrated its best-performing cameras on Flip3, so it will not be difficult to compete in this regard.

On the other hand, Samsung will definitely be preparing to launch a new Flip4 model for this summer, which will probably come with significant upgrades in all respects.

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However, given that Oppo is accustomed to bringing its flagship phones first to China and only then to Europe, a possible clamshell smartphone from the company may not be available in Western stores until later this year. could be launched in the summer on the home market.

The information published by 91mobiles suggests that with a new clamshell phone, Oppo could also deliver a successor to the Find N range. And the flap model could also be integrated into the top “Find” range.

source: 91mobiles

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